Win: How to Grow a Million Dollar Company, Fast

Why is it some business grow like Jack’s beanstalk, reaching the sky, and the pot of gold, while you struggle to pay the bills and live the lifestyle you deserve? It won’t be a lack of hard work on your part.

It’s not even your fault. Some people just have an unfair head start – they have stumbled across the secret strategies you need to build a million-dollar business.

And we’re going to give every strategy you need to grow your business – to one lucky winner!

This is exactly what you’ll win:

  • The E-Learning weekly series – a step by step process of how we continually build and successfully market million-dollar businesses. My friends say I’m an idiot, but I’m only charging $197 month all this and it’s free for the winner
  • “Bootleg” videos of International 7-Figure coach Karl Bryan’s Group Coaching calls – I say bootleg, because Karl originally charged $597 per month for these, and he’ll kill me if he finds out I’m giving them away to you
  • Unlimited, free, instant access to the knowledge base we put together (including 108+ strategies for More Leads, More Conversions, More Transactions, Higher Prices and not least, More Profit, plus swipe files from $2,000,000 worth of ads) for our $60,000 a year private coaching clients – not for $5,000 a month, not even $497 a month – free for one year.

In detail:

  • The Quick Start Program: so you can explode out of the gate in 2020
  • Customized Marketing Roadmap: a complete diagnostic of your skills and needs
  • More leads: how we generate all the leads your business can handle
  • More conversions: how we convert leads into paying clients
  • More transactions: how we convince clients to buy more often
  • Higher prices: how we increase prices without losing sales
  • More profits: how we skyrocket profits and dominate markets like yours
  • Build a Million Dollar Business: how we systematize and the franchise business just like yours
  • The Bootleg Videos: so you see other business owners at work growing their businesses
  • Unlimited access for one year to all our resources: for instant ideas and answers

If you add all that up it comes to your prize value of $6758.

And… (yes there’s more) I’ll even add two 1-on-1 one-hour coaching calls.

One the first week where we’ll look for ways to put instant cash in your pocket (Yes! There’s instant cash in most businesses). If we can’t find instant cash, we will find the fastest, least risk, least-cost way make you more money – this is rarely marketing!

The second call is at the end of the first month to set a longer team plan to build your million-dollar business.

Good luck in the competition, yours, Matt.


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