Our Lucky Winners

Over $50,000 worth of prizes have been given away!

Disclaimer: Thanks to our sponsors and partners these are some of the winners of the amazing prizes we have given as to date. Keep an eye on your inbox as we notify all winners by email only. We only show the names of the winners here, if you haven’t received an email from us, its not you. Keep winning!

I am still so excited about wining this great tablet and a way to make money explained in DVDs “The secret to $50k+ a month”. Thank you again for choosing me.

Edis Zukic

Dave Beatty 

Winner of Android Tablet

Kimberley Gifford

Winner of Android Tablet

Mike Warren

Winner of Android Tablet

Daryl from Canada

Winner of Android Tablet

Matteo Michal Longetti

Winner of Live Your Dream Lifestyle

Minh L

Winner of FitBit Alta

Ana Georgievska

Winner of Dream Lifestyle and $2300 worth of Money Making Ideas

Ammar Alakhras

Winner of a 10” Android Tablet with Keyboard case 32GB SD Card and Four Home Business Courses

Marge Kiley

Winner of an Incredible Tablet Computer Plus Internet Business Training Package Worth $497.00

Oliver Drews

Winner of HD Waterproof Action Camera

Aaron Broad

Winner of Fanstastic 10.1″ Android Quadcore Tablet

Richard Junkerman

Winner of Levitationg Bluetooth Speaker

Braulio Ledesma Dominguez

Winner of Tablet PC

Albert Bellec

Winner of Android Tablet and Training Program

Nicole Sender

Winner of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Laura Harrison

Winner of DVD Guide and 4G Android Tablet

Christopher Harner

Winner of Laptop/Tablet Freedom from Daily Grind


Winner of Life Changing Package with Laptop

Hargow Wong

Winner of Android Tablet and Business Information Products

Klyuchko Andrey

Lifestyle Package and Amazon Fire Tablet

Daylys Estrada

Winner of an Amazing Tablet

Matthew Aaron Seeman

Winner of a Tablet

Evgeniy Voronov

Winner of 4G Android Tablet

Ben Mackenzie

Winner of Dream Lifestyle

Annemarie Martinez

Winner of Smartwatch

Sarah Fielding

Winner of Fitbit Flex

Meghan Malicoat

Winner of Action Camera

Anita Kennett

Winner of 4G Tablet

Jamie Johnston

Winner of Life Changing Package with Laptop

Robert Smith

Winner of Back-up Drive

Linda Bradshaw

Winner of 4G Android Tablet

Teet Elstein

Winner of Android Tablet

Luzy Borgia

Winner of Acer Aspire Laptop

Steve Anderson

Winner of Amazing Quadcore Android Tablets

Davina Wilson

Winner of Blackview BV6000

Drazen Mioc

Winner of Fitbit Flex

Jamie Johnston

Winner of Life Changing Package with Laptop

Alex Brockway

Winner of a Quantum 1010N Tablet

Ruth Harwood

Winner of a Fantastic Quantum 1010 Tablet

Kase Thompson

Winner of a 10″ Android Quadcore Tablet and A $1000 of Make Money Online Programs

Chelsea Williams

Winner of an Amazing Android 4.4 1010 Tablet with Kitkat OS

Sharique Masood

Winner of a Go Clever Quantum Android Tablet

Heather Wesley

Winner of a Stylish Wifi Android Tablet

Debra Guillen

Winner of an Android

Alison Warwick

Winner of an Amazing 10.1 inch Tablet

Bekir DelioÄŸlu

Winner of a Fantastic Tablet

Valerie Guerrero

Winner of an Android Tablet

Margaret Gallagher

Winner of Magic Bullet

“I received my fabulous prize today -cant wait to blitz and make great smoothie
My Magic bullet is amazing
Thank you for your prompt delivery too”

Beth Brady

Winner of Car DVR

“We went for a quick drive around the countryside and the quality of the
camera was amazing! We were really impressed, we didn’t manage to get a
photo of the cam in the car, however my partner did decide to model it
for me. Thank you for the amazing competition.”

Tina Bradbuy’s husband

Winner of Fitband 2017